We love teenagers and want to connect them to Jesus Christ. Although Cru High School is new to the Los Angeles area, Cru has been in existence for over 50 years. Our team is made up of full-time and part-time staff members, interns and volunteers who join hands with parents, educators, churches and community leaders. We help students and equip them to make a positive and eternal difference.


Hung and Angela Thach

Hung and his family fled from war-torn South Vietnam in 1975 and came to the United States and was sponsored by a church in Tennessee.

He and his wife Angela have been married for 23 years and have three children, Caleb, Brooke, and Jericho. They have served with Cru for more than 22 years and Hung currently serves as the City Director for the High School ministry of Cru in Los Angeles.

Their passion is to help bring the love and truth of Jesus to teenagers around our city and the world. Their family embraces the messiness of ministry and loves sharing life with the staff, college students, and teens in which they have privilege of serving and leading.

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Susan Bendijo

The death of Susan’s mother at the age of six sent her and her siblings to America. It was a confusing time, but not long after something amazing happened. Susan’s older sister had gotten involved in Cru at her university, and heard the good news of Jesus’ love for the first time. That same night, she shared with Susan how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Susan was surprised Jesus wanted to be a part of her life, and was excited to say yes to him. 

As an adult volunteering herself with the high school ministry of Cru, Susan saw the emptiness of young people who were growing up in a tough complex culture filled with identity issues, sexual pressures, substance abuse, violence and high anxiety. 

She fell in love with the fact that Cru goes to the teenagers - their school - their world! Bringing Jesus! It was then that she knew what she had to do. She joined the work full-time, and is thrilled to show God’s heart to rescue the lost who are walking in darkness everyday (Isaiah 61:1-4). 

Her passion is to share the Gospel of hope and love to young people, mentor them, and send them back on their campus to reach more and home to reach their families. “I have seen the goodness of the Lord and He will accomplish what He started in me!”

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Gavin Cross

When his close friend was killed in a car accident during his early college years, Gavin began a six-month prayer journey with the Lord, asking him to show Gavin one life that was changed because of the accident.

What he didn’t expect was that the life would be his. During those six months, Gavin saw young people struggling to find meaning everywhere he looked, and he reasoned that if the Lord loved him enough to die for him, then these young people needed to hear about this all-consuming love. Those six months on his knees changed everything.

Gavin enjoys rock climbing, movies, peaceful time with friends, and finding unique cultural destinations around the city and the California coast.

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Brandt and Jessica Carson

In high school, Cru was instrumental in teaching Brandt exactly what it meant to have a personal, thriving relationship with God. After being discipled by Cru staff for six years, Brandt answered God’s call to move from Tennessee to California in the fall of 2013. Since then, he has been actively evangelizing and discipling students in the LA/OC high schools.

In the fall of 2014, Jessica was working as a crisis specialist with at-risk youth in the public-school system. At that time she felt called to share Christ with teenagers and immediately started volunteering with the High School ministry of Cru. That same semester, she felt the call to walk away from her “secure job and plans” and go into full-time ministry rather than pursue licensure for Social Work.

On June 27th, 2017, the Carsons joined Cru full-time and reported in August2019. Their passion is to love, cultivate, and commission the high school students in the LA/OC area through relational evangelism and discipleship.

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Casey Cashen


Casey feels called to go and fight for the broken-hearted, to help tear them away from the grips of Hell and destruction with God’s message of Love and Redemption, to pursue those who have been cast aside and thrown away by the world and let them know they are special in His Kingdom!

Casey volunteered with Cru from the moment he met and fell in love with Jesus in 2005 at the age of 24. God broke Casey’s heart over the lostness and desperation of teens and the realization that if we lose this generation then we lose our future! Casey has been blessed to be able to minister to so many teens and share the truths of Scripture through many outreaches and life-on-life discipleship.

In 2010 Casey joined staff to reach out to the millions of students in the greater L.A. area. He enjoys spending time with friends, reading, discussing Scripture, video games, counseling, the beauty of creation, prayer, and spending time with Jesus in His Word.

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Tyler Simmons


Tyler loves high school students and getting to be a part of their lives. His life was changed when a few people decided to invite him to be a part of Cru when he himself was in high school.

Students try to find purpose in so many things today, and to show them who Jesus is means so much to Tyler.

In a city that builds up major influencers, God wants to shape the next godly family and the next leaders of this country and the world, and Tyler is just excited to be a part of that plan.

Tyler married Eyleen in December 2018.

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Joey and Hannah Young

Although Joey began a relationship with Jesus when he was five years old, a sports injury in high school made him question what was most important to him.  This incident led Joey to discover Christ in a much more meaningful way.  As a high school student in Cru, God began to mold Joey's heart to care about the things He cares about, and out of that came a deep passion to reach teenagers with the Gospel.

Hannah met Jesus the summer before 7th grade, and she fell madly in love with Him.  Yet after tragedy struck her family in 8th grade, Hannah wasn't sure she could trust the God she loved anymore.  As a result, she spent all of high school pursuing a life of empty self-indulgence.  Exhausted from running, Hannah finally decided to come home to her Heavenly Father in college.  Out of that surrender, Jesus cultivated in her a passion to see teenagers be free of the chains that bind them.

Together in their marriage, Joey and Hannah love to spend their time hanging out with students and volunteers and inviting them into their messy, wonderful life so that they can truly feel at home.  They also enjoy epic movies, lots of ice cream, and laughing at the silly things they do together.  

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Michael Mendoza


Michael grew up in a non-practicing Catholic home, and during his junior year at Warren High School, God started drawing him into a relationship with Himself. He slowly learned what it meant to be in a relationship with Jesus. 

Michael was introduced to Cru as a senior at Warren. He has seen God increasingly draw a number of students into a relationship with Himself and has witnessed God's redemptive power in high school students' lives. 

Michael wants nothing more than for the Gospel to go forth and change the hearts and minds of those who are consumed in a world full of sin and brokenness. He is excited to fight for those who have no one fighting for them and is honored that God has called him to reach high school students at Warren, his alma mater, and throughout the LA area.

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Dan and Pat Lee


Dan and Pat are both California natives. Dan started his career with the High School Ministry in Southern California in 1981, and after 24 years away, is delighted to be back with the LA Metro team. He serves in administration and communications, as well as helping staff (local and nationwide) with their Ministry Partner Development.

Dan and Pat have two grown children and a granddaughter, Kyla, all in Florida. Pat spends her time taking care of her mom, Arlene.

Dan enjoys making all kinds of music and memorizing weird facts, such as the countries and capitals of the world.

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David Potts


David saw great success in the restaurant industry in various eastern states.  As a leader, he grew his businesses and connected with people from various backgrounds. 

But in spite of his success, he felt something was lacking in his career and his life.  How could he take the influence he had on people and direct them to Jesus?  He prayed and trusted God with the next steps of his journey, and then one day it began.  David ended a successful career and moved to California with only 5 boxes of clothes in his car, to serve the next generation.  David started volunteering with Cru’s Los Angeles high school team in June 2017, and joined as a part-time staff person in March 2018. 

He is thrilled to start spending his best hours helping young people find new life in Jesus Christ.

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Spiro Raxiotis


Spiro became a follower of Christ at the age of twenty-two after a drug overdose and subsequent attempted suicide. He served on Parkcrest Church’s Celebrate Recovery ministry team for over 7 years, during which he led the teen version known as The Landing, 

It was during that time his heart broke for hurt and lost teenagers, seeing his story in many of theirs. He came into contact with Cru High School at church and attended a student rally at a local high school. It was that day he heard the Lord call him to serve with Cru. 

Spiro had been a stay-at-home dad for ten years. Choosing to join Cru has required a sacrifice for his wife, Jen, and two children, Joshua and Leah. 

Living life on mission as a husband and father, he sees his role in gathering a family of children from a fatherless generation; expressing to them the love of the heavenly Father; and bringing them to his home as part of his larger family. 

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Scott Chan

ScottChanPic copy.jpg

Scott is a native of Long Beach, living in Cambodia Town, one of the largest populations of Khmer people outside of his family’s country.

Scott gave his life to Christ after God intervened in his attempt to end his life. God spoke to Scott, affirming that he was greatly loved and that God would not let him leave this world defeated.

Through experiencing abuse, depression, loneliness, questioning the meaning of life himself, Scott’s heart is to walk alongside students, affirming that they’re not alone, that they are loved, they are valuable, and they matter and have a voice.

God has allowed him to influence the Cambodian community, the gymnastics world, and early childhood education.

Scott has a heart for the world, having been on mission trips to three continents. But God showed him that he could be a missionary right here at home, in the diverse international community here in Southern California.

Scott started volunteering with the High School Ministry of Cru in March 2017, and a year later was accepted as Part-Time Field Staff.

Erik and Wendy Morey


In 2016 Erik and Wendy began praying for God to use them and their family wherever and however for His glory. God gave Erik an opportunity to go back to his old high school and volunteer with Cru. After seeing the pain, brokenness and abandonment that plagued these students, God opened Erik and Wendy's eyes to the desperate need of the Gospel right there in their own backyard.

Over the next two years the Lord began to change their desires and plans of the future. Only by the grace of God, He began working in many different circumstances and areas in their lives allowing them to spend more and more time on campus.

Seeing God continue to move in these schools and students hearts, they were faced with this question, "Will you turn and lose your lives for the broken and abandoned to shine the light of the gospel in the darkness where there is no hope?" By Gods grace and mercy they made the decision to apply for full time staff and were accepted July 2018.

Erik and Wendy are thankful and grateful to Jesus Christ first of all for their own salvation and now for giving them the awesome and exciting opportunity to share this life giving message with students! Their hope and prayer is to allow God to work through their family to bring others to Christ.

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Brandon Ingram

Brandon grew up in Birmingham, AL with his mother, grandmother and sister. He met Jesus in college and his life was radically changed. Jesus started to show him that he was loved and cared for despite his mistakes and fears.

On a trip to California he saw how God was changing the lives of teenagers through Cru. God began to stir his heart for the teens, and after a few months of prayer, he felt the Lord calling him away from his engineering career to join staff part-time with Cru.

Brandon was accepted as field staff in early 2018 and reported to the team in September 2019. He is excited to introduce students to Jesus and become a positive mentor and role model in their lives.